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As a physician or practice manger in 2016, do you have an EMR features wish list? Or, a better question might be, what are the EMR features you should be looking for?

Sometimes doctors get caught up in the technology issues of EMR choice: Cloud or server resident software? How mobile-device based will the EMR be? What is the encryption scheme like for the patient health records? How interoperable is the software?

All very important questions. But they do not address the immediate feel of the electronic health records, and the specific features that you as a doctor or practice manager might want to see available.

I just read a wonderful article detailing a doctor’s wish list for EMR features that are very specific. Of course, no one will find all of their EMR wants in any one package (or perhaps not even within 2 packages) but it is great to have an outline of specific features and abilities that you can talk to a vendor about.

The article, The Black List: Features Which Should Be In Most EMRs/EHRs (But For Some Reason Aren’t) was written by Dr. Hayward Zwerling, who developed an EMR ,ComChart, that is no longer being sold. But as both a doctor and developer he has a good feel for what is desirable for a doctor and what is possible for a software developer within the context of an EMR. Before you actually get to the article, let me bring to your attention some of the features that he sees as most useful:

Great EMR Features your EMR


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